How To Align Employee Character Strengths With Your Organization's Mission Statement For Customer Service Excellence

Program Objectives

Program Outline
  1. Company Mission Statement
    • Understanding and self-identification with the
    • company mission statement and values
  2. Customer Service Excellence
    • Perspectives of customer service excellence
    • Key players in the game of customer service excellence
  3. Identifying Character Strengths
    • Learn commonsensica) techniques for identifying
    • individual character strengths
  4. Goal Setting
    • Use the SMART goal setting system for committing to the company‚Äôs mission statement and establishing clearly defined and meaningful customer service goals
    • Commit to applying character strengths to achieve goals
  5. Building Rapport & Realizing the Power of Recognition
    • Concentrate on the strengths in others
    • Give positive and constructive feedback
    • Encourage people with constructive praise
    • Understand the human need to be accepted and appreciated
Character Education
The SPEACHER Partner In Character Education (S.P.I.C.E.) is designed to help your organization's commuity outreach efforts.

When your employees or associates participate in Booker's
SPEACHER Certified Facilitaor's Workshop he or she will be able to assist Booker during his presentations and eventually conduct workshops on their own.

The SPEACHER workshops are held at local community libraries, community centers, or other well known or established training facilities.