The Eight Empowerment Character
  1. Speak & communicate confidently & effectively
  2. Positive mental attitude
  3. Enthusiasm
  4. Adaptable. View change as opportunity
  5. Courage
  6. Helpful, caring and a provider of leadership
  7. Evolving through self-improvement
  8. Risk-taking & recognizing the winner within

The Origin of SPEACHER

The Origin of SPEACHER: It was a Friday evening in September 1998.

Juliet, age 6, was standing at the entry way of the kitchen. Her father was at the sink washing dishes, with his back to Juliet. Juliet cried out to her father, "Daddy, Daddy"! Her father busily washing dishes, replied, "yes Juliet, yes Juliet". Juliet cried out again, "Daddy, Daddy!" Her father replied once again, "yes Juliet, yes Juliet". Juliet cried out a third time, "Daddy. Daddy!" Her father then realized she wanted him to stop what he was doing and turn around and look at her. When he had done so, Juliet looked up at him with the cutest of cute smiles and said,

"Daddy, when I grow up, I want to be just like you. I, I, want to be ah... ah... ah... SPREEACHER."

In the twinkling of an eye her father’s whole body was overcome with a warm and fuzzy feeling. He quickly picked up Juliet and hugged her dearly. Juliet had recently attended an event where her father had given a speech. In her innocent interpretation of the event, she had concluded that if he gave a speech he must be a SPREEACHER. To her father it sounded like a cross between a speaker, preacher and a teacher. Her father is an American speaker, trainer and author.

His company provides products and services for self-improvement and personal growth. He was so inspired by the word Juliet had created that he modified it slightly to 'SPEACHER’ and developed training programs and learning tools around it. SPEACHER is an acronym for the eight core skills and character strengths that facilitate the process of achievement and success.

Within our very own names we can find strength and the power of character.
Booker T. Jones, III